Altar Servers

St. Bernadette Church is looking for student volunteers for our Altar Server Ministry. 
If you are interested, please contact Jim Flores at 732-721-2772. 


Top 5 Reasons to become an Altar Server

1. You’ll learn why we do everything in the Mass: Sure, swinging the censer (the smelly incense thing) is kind of fun but why is it that we do it? By becoming an altar server it makes all the symbols of the Mass so much more understandable and can  lead you into a much deeper relationship with God!

2. It gives you a greater appreciation of the priesthood: Even if you are not considering becoming a priest, by altar serving you learn so much more about the priests at St. Bernadette.   It allows you to fully appreciate their human side while also appreciating the sacramental grace they’ve been given in holy orders!

3. You’ll become more involved in the community: By taking up a responsibility at Mass you start to recognize more and more people in the church. It can make you feel truly at home in your church.

4. You’ll learn some fantastic life skills: Communication, teamwork, perceiving what needs to be done and doing it, punctuality, self-confidence, and the list goes on. Serving on the altar is a great place to start building these skills.

5. You’ll make some great friends: By becoming an altar server you’ll be meeting up with many of the same people every time you serve at Mass. As your friendship develops, you’ll end up having many friends who all share your faith and this can lead to some great memories.