Godparent/Confirmation Sponsor Requirements

In order for someone to act as a Godparent or a Sponsor for Confirmation, they must have received the sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation.  If they are married, they must have been married in a Catholic Church or in a ceremony recognized by the Catholic Church.

Godparents and Sponsors must also obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from their home parishes indicating that they are attending Mass on a regular basis and that they fulfill all requirements.  If both Godparents are Catholic, they both must obtain certificates.

If you are a member of St. Bernadettes and were asked to be a Godparent or a Confirmation Sponsor, please come to the Parish Office to pick up a Certificate of Eligibility form or click the link below for a printable form.

Click here for Certificate of Eligibility Form (make sure form is filled out completely)
Please mail all Certificates of Eligibility to the Parish Office
     St. Bernadette's Parish Office
     20 Villanova Rd.
     Parlin, NJ 08859