It is our pleasure it announce the return of  Tuesday night Bingo! 

 Please help us spread the word about St. Bernadette Bingo returning. 

We are thrilled to see everybody again. 


St. Bernadette Bingo was established as a way to supplement the income gained through Church collections, bequests, and other donations. Our bingos are only successful through the generosity of our parishioners who freely donate their time and ability.  For more information you may call the Bingo Hall at 732-721-8833 or the parish office at 732-721-2772.

St. Bernadette host bingo every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm in O'Dea Hall.

Game and Amounts to be announced. 

Extra Books: 6 on $3.00-12 on $6.00

50/50 and Progressive (4 on) $1.00

Trifecta (6 on) $2.00

Volunteers:   Volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated at our Tuesday evening bingos. There are many jobs to be filled. "Subs" are also needed so any help is appreciated.  No experience necessary! You would work beside a fully training person currently in that position already. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Bob Siebert or the Parish Office. Please consider volunteering your time and talent to help out this very important fundraiser.