Grade 8


Confirmation not only includes book work, skill sessions, service projects and Mass attendance, students choose a sponsor to journey with them as they prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Students will also choose the name of an individual saint to whom they can connect, or aim to be like. This saint will form a spiritual link with the student and serve as a role model throughout life. He or she can also be the one to whom the student turns for advice and protection. If you have not finalized your Saint Project and Sponsor Froms, please use the following links:

Saint Project Sponsor Statement of Eligibility Confirmation Candidate and Sponsor Pledge

Please check out the Confirmation Handbook for additional information for the day of Confirmation:

Confirmation Handbook



Sign of the Cross - p. 106 Confirmed in the Spirit Confirmed in the Spirit - p. 1 Chapter 1 Review
Hail Mary - p. 106 Confirmed in Discipleship Confirmed in Discipleship - p. 13 Chapter 2 Review
Lord's Prayer (Our Father) - p. 106 Confirmed in Faith Confirmed in Faith - p. 25 Chapter 3 Review
Glory Be - p. 106 Confirmed in Love Confirmed in Love - p. 37 Chapter 4 Review
Act of Contrition - p. 70 Confirmed in Holiness Confirmed in Holiness - p. 49 Chapter 5 Review
Prayers of the Confirmation Mass - pp. 88-92 Confirmed in the Church Confirmed in the Church - p. 61 Chapter 6 Review
Beatitudes - p. 38 Confirmed in Witness Confirmed in Witness - p. 73 Chapter 7 Review
Rosary - pp. 110-111 Confirmed in Grace Confirmed in Grace - p. 85 Chapter 8 Review
Mysteries of the Rosary - p. 112      
Stations of the Cross - pp. 113-114      
Apostles' Creed - p. 107      
Corporal Works of Mercy - p. 98      
Spiritual Works of Mercy - p. 98      
Gifts of the Holy Spirit - pp. 53-56      
Fruits of the Holy Spirit - pp. 76-80